We will work with advocates, practitioners, and policymakers to identify the policy and advocacy processes within the peacebuilding field that have the most potential for real impact on the ground. Impact:Peace will create a powerful, agile, evidence infrastructure to accelerate and amplify these change processes. The ultimate goal: a significant reduction of violent conflict worldwide.


This exciting new initiative kicked off with a launch party-convening at the University of San Diego, May 20-22, 2019. The outcomes and next steps that resulted from that gathering are available in this Launch Report.

The Impact:Peace initiative is made possible through the generous gift of $1 million in seed funding by Milt Lauenstein. USD has established a challenge to raise additional funding beginning with a $1 million match — if you'd like to invest in Impact:Peace, you can give a contribution of your own. 


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    The Purdue Peace Project

    Headlines show conflict in all corners of the world. What can be done to prevent this violence? How can researchers at Purdue University make a difference? This is how the PPP promotes peace.


    Purdue peace project promotes peace in West Africa and Central America together with local citizens professors from Purdue University identify conflicts like tensions over natural resources, inter ethnic disputes or friction around elections. To prevent the conflicts and violence we embrace the locally led approach to peacekeeping. We believe that people living in the conflict zone have the best knowledge to prevent the violence.

    We create space for dialog which includes all the groups effected by the conflict. The dialog reaches to the new ideas of peacekeeping. The group of leaders who act for peace in their community is called local peace committee and they have a great influence in peace building and making a difference. We had the great example of local peace builders in Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia. Together with our local collaborators we document and analyze our work, share our experience and what we have learned. We promote peace through local action.