Sponsored research
Locally-led peacebuilding

Cost effective

Measuring only effectiveness without considering cost can contribute to misallocation of resources. Information on effectiveness without considering cost can lead to misallocation of resources. Cost-effectiveness is what really counts!


Little data is available to help practitioners and funders decide where their effort and money will do the most good. With the level of armed conflict on the rise, and funding under threat, it is increasingly important to have objective evidence

Local action

The value of the opinions of local citizens about how
violence in their communities can be averted is being
increasingly recognized. Locally led peacebuilding is
gaining traction.


"I am fortunate not only to have a close, caring, and dynamic family, but also to have enjoyed varied educational, career, and leisure experiences. Now over 90 years old and a Quaker, I share with my family our responsibility to do what we can to promote cooperation, peace, and freedom from suffering among our fellow human beings.  The principal way I do this is by devoting my time and money to reduce armed conflict in the world. Learn more in the PUBLICATIONS section". 

Milt Lauenstein